Bang Bus

After a brief recovery...Ugs finally returned to the BangBus! He brought along with him this guy named Mike....who had to wait his turn just like everybody else..Anyway, we came across this half-naked bitched named Nina in a spot where we picked up a lot of our earlier victims. This whore didn't understand english for shit, so you know the Dirty One had to use that to his advantage!!! This whore had no idea what the fuck we were talking about until we pulled out the cash...every whore speaks that language. Mikee does a fine job of turning her pussy into mush....enjoy this one....The Dirty One... pretty cool with us and everything going to plan until she started making comments on Rashied skin color and man was he sensetive about that shit he started to freek out until I calmly explained to Shannon that black is not a color but a state of mind which she seemed to understand even though god knows how many times her mother had dropped the poor girl on her head during wild redneck drinking binges later running the last guy out bed that was slamming her mom.. so the shoot I believe went really well this bitch could suck some cock and I'm not going to tell to much except for the fact that theres anal and this movie went so well that Ugly never jacks off to the movies but two nights ago I caught him with the camera attached to the wide screen that all your money has bought him in full stereo jerkin his shit to this last movie.... so listen if Ugly is jerkin to one of the films that means its pretty fuckin good

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