Unfortunately, we decided not to pursue BondageTrials as a new site. We were worried about models trying too hard to win their trial, and not using their safe word as a result. We are presenting our initial shoots here on hogtied as BONUS (EXTRA) updates. Maya and Karma battle it out. Bondage, and ideas by Blaze. This is the last of the test shoots. Whippedass. Wot no rope? Sexy Kelina is given some endurance bondage. The home-made irons are particularly evil. She is made to wait in an uncomfortable doggy position on the cold concrete floor with the restraints angled so that she must keep her knees wide and her elbows tightly together. Later, she must balance these heavy restraints with only a thin cord from her gag to the ceiling for help. Being shackled to Mehandren's Punishment Block rounds off this set.

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Whippedass This is part 1 of a many part fantasy epic we have produced on location for hogtied.

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Whipped ass movies Don't worry, I won't leave you out to dry, this will be an interim update, this Friday I will either add the eternal Venus, or a smoking hot new girl, Lucy Lee.
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